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    OEM & OEM Tobacco maker, fresh-lock packing line and Cigarettes

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    OEM & ODM Tobacco Machine

    First generation of R&D Tobacco making for CNTC

    Beening the first generation of Tobacco maker ODM and OEM, our machine have been tested more than 50 years in CNTC south of Fujian Prinvince where was famous export internation famous brand of cigaretter exportation. Maker quality as good as MOLINS | UK Brand | MTF3 - OCTAVE what is stable running and low failure rate. But Our Auto Filling & Making Cigarette Line only 30% cost of @Molins


    Main Technology:


    Line size approx: 4,500x 2,312x 3,020 mm
    Line size approx: 5,500 x 3,620 x 2,650 mm

    Filling max speed: 3,000~4,000cpm | 6,000~8,000cpm
    Total Wt.:9,500kgs
    Total Power: 50kW | 59kW , 220V/380V 50HZ
    Filling Capacity/Tipped cigarette length: 84mm

    (customized: 65mm ~110± 0.5mm)
    Diameter of cigarette: φ 5.4 ~φ 9.0 mm
    Feature: King Size,Slim, Super Slim
    PLC | Digital Contorl | SIEMENS PLC S7-300 series


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    Marlboro, Davidoff, Manchester, Parliament, Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Camel, Pall Mall, Benson & Hedges, Insignia, Gold Flake, Gold Flake, Newport, Sevenstars and so on

  • STANDARD/REGULAR | LONG 100's | Max 120's

    DIA:SuperSlim | Slim | King

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    Marlboro 100's

    Size: Long 100mm

    Pack: 20 filts/box

    Sleeve Carton: 10 packs

    Total: 200filts/Carton


    Flavor: Regular | Bold | Bold Menthol | Menthol


    Regular Option: RED | GOLD | Sliver

    Bold Option: Black+Redline

    Bold Menthol: Black+ Turquoise

    Menthol: Turquoise

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    Marlboro Red Classic

    Marlboro Red cigarettes. A popular type of cigarette from the Marlboro brand due to its smooth flavour and it being mid-priced.Marlboro cigarettes are produced by Philip Morris International

    Size: King

    1 pack contains 20 cigarettes (Pack of 20).
    1 carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes. Total 200 cigarettes (Box of 200).
    Tar: 10 mg
    Nicotine: 0,8 mg
    Carbon Monoxide: 10 mg

    Other Flavor: RED | GOLD | Black/Bold