• As a multidisciplinary branding Import & Export and industry supplier in Shenzhen and Dongguan China, we offer a range of business development,Industry ODM and OEM manufacturing order including: technology consultation, strategic formulation, marketing, 3D design and package design, product tech update, to retail,distributor,super-mall, trader and industrial,construction customer and final clients with equipment and commercial item design & delivery logistic support.Creating products that connect our afterservice with user to build quality awareness and potential of future cooperation. We work with our clients to develop strategies to achieve their business goals across all experiences of our tech-team and our material and manufacturer chain platform, supplying dynamic service experiences that inspire the customers and user.

    We define ourselves as brand and quality Carrier, produce products that are unique, well management and full of impact. Our team of highly skilled developing strategists and creative technologist deliver exceptional and integrated high-tech product & Equipment experiences across all production connect that cohesively form together, differentiating and outshines the items from its competitors..

    GSEEIN Industry 2002


    We are a full service of high-tech items,Production line of Tobacco, Perfumes & Beverage industry, integrated R&D,design and production corperation

    that specialises in global client OEM,ODM development and products supplying for global clients across a broad spectrum of industries.


    Provide the best quality with the most competive pricing for his marketing.


    Comprehensive experience in the different customized OEM order and R&D and ODM development for a vast variety of industries all over the world



    We formulate detail steps by our skilled technologist, master, and perfumer who has more than 20 years in industry customized OEM & ODM service. More than 15 year we keep improving and learning our quality self-checking and production management from our competitor and our client feedback.It help us stand out in the global arena.



    We can listen to clients' request and review diagnosis, provide appropriate development attentions and suggestions to meet clients' needs by our R&D LAB.